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  Your natural texture and desired results are very important in selecting the right technique, as well as, the product used. We offer a large variety of perms and straighteners to achieve the perfect look for you.  
Perm $72
  Great for styles requiring a finished look that has curl and movement.
Transfer Perm $84
  When you don’t want the look of a fresh perm, or desire a smoother finish with fullness and style support, a transfer perm is ideal.  
Design Waves $100
  Specilaty wraps for long hair.  
Isolated Volume * $8
  This unique service is a great option to the traditional perm. Get lift or direction in specific areas of your style.  * (per rod with another service)

Additional charges will apply to long hair as needed. These charges are based on additional time and product useage.

Hair color can do so much. It can make you look more youthful, look slimmer, bring out your eyes, or add body to your style. Color will complete your look and enhance your hair cut. We have something for everybody, whether you want to make a bold statement, turn heads, or subtly disguise a few gray hairs. Because color is so individualized, a consultation is necessary in choosing the techniques and color results.
Partial Color $48
Overlays (with color service) $17
Hilite / Foil
Partial Hilite / Foil
Selective Stranding *(per foil with another service) * $7
Double Process Blonding
Specialty Color (consultation required) (per hour) $70
Corrective Color (per hour) $70
Eyelash Color
Eyebrow Color
Additional charges may apply for specialty color and long hair.
Basically, the long and short of it is, the right cut will compliment your overall image. Our expert staff will take the time to understand your desired results and offer suggestions.
Haircut & Style $42
Child (8 & Under) $22
Bang Trim $16
Mustache $7
Beard $17
Special Occasion Style
Bridal Style
Hair Exfolliant $15
Hair & Scalp Treatment $19
Extra Time per 15 minutes $15

Some guests require additional time due to thickness and / or length for cuts and styles.